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New SCAM taking place in Dealerships

1/24/2015 Trillium Automobile Dealers Association

It has been brought to our attention that a new scam is taking place in dealerships. Be sure that you have policies and procedures in place to avoid this from happening to you.


A person calls in and orders 2 airbags over the phone. The dealership requests full payment in advance. The dealership processes the credit card and receives approval. The parts arrive and end up in the Dealership's Special Order Parts area as a pre-paid order. A person comes to the dealership and picks up the pre-paid parts. As it was a pre-paid and approved order, the parts were given to the customer. Over 1 month after the order was placed the Dealership was charged back from Payment Tech (Visa) for the amount of $2600 with no recourse.

Be sure that you have signed documents and that the customer can produce the physical card on pick up.

Todd Bourgon
Executive Director
Trillium Automobile Dealers Association 
Information Source: www.tada.ca 


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